How niche magazines can maximize their advertising revenue.

By Keegan Hudson

It’s a common misconception that magazines are on the decline. In many industries, especially those with particularly targeted audiences, print publications continue to be valuable resources that offer the latest news, trends and industry developments. Niche magazines that are affiliated with trade associations and industry thought-leaders provide reputable information readers know they can rely on.

Whether published in print or online, these publications continue to be important to readers—but that doesn’t always translate into ad sales. How can stakeholders keep their magazines profitable?

Here are five tips for sustaining and increasing the revenue for your niche magazine.

1. Know Your Audience

Think about the following: Who does your publication reach? What type of products or services might they be looking for? What separates your audience from other publications? These are all questions you should be able to answer instantly. The value of advertising in your magazine is reaching an audience advertisers can’t find elsewhere. That’s what you’re selling.

2. Creativity Sells

Get creative in your sales pitch! Your marketing messaging should reflect the value and ingenuity of the channels you’re selling. Communicate the value of your opportunities in a way that’s fun and informative. Stale messaging doesn’t even get considered, so make sure your approach makes your publication stand out.

3. Stay Top-Of-Mind By Communicating Regularly

If a potential advertiser is unaware of your marketing opportunities – they may as well not exist. Be in communication with members of the community who are most influential, the people who are making the marketing decisions on a regular basis. Often marketers are happy to be reminded of more ways they can reach their target demographic. Make sure they know about the solutions you can offer. But remember, they will likely need to hear from you more than once for it to sink in.

4. Know What’s Happening Editorially

Communicate with your editor. If you know the editorial themes and schedule, you’ll be able to better match potential advertisers with the most relevant issues and topics for their marketing objectives. Suggestions like these can go a long way with an advertiser because they demonstrate your understanding of their goals and the industry at large.

5. Develop Multi-Platform Marketing Campaigns

Plain and simple: Research suggests that reaching an audience via multiple platforms makes longer lasting impressions. Combine print advertising with other channels your organization offers—including event sponsorships, paid-editorial promotion or web advertising—to provide optimum visibility.

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