Staying on top of industry developments doesn’t need to be difficult.

By Keegan Hudson

Keeping up with the latest industry news and monitoring emerging brands in the market are both great ways to find prospective advertising partners for your niche publication – but who has time to scour the internet during busy work days?

Here are four ways to effectively keep your hand on the pulse of the industry you work in, without cutting into your daily routine:

1. Set Google Alerts for industry keywords

Sent directly to your inbox, Google Alert emails allow you to peruse topical article headlines while you drink your morning coffee.

You choose how often these emails arrive and can consistently improve the quality of headline results by marking the relevance of the articles as you go.

Another bonus to staying on top of the latest news? You can also send the occasional congrats email to current advertisers. It’s a simple way to remind them that you care about their success.

2. Subscribe to your competitions’ publications

Depending on your industry, you should be able to easily sign up for your competitor’s publications without a problem. By scanning them regularly, in print or online, you can ensure that the organizations and brands currently advertising in rival pubs are also advertising with you. And, if you see anyone not currently on your roster, you’ll know who to call next.

3. Check out exhibitor lists of similar tradeshows or conventions

Is there a tradeshow or convention that has a lot of overlap with that of your organization? Track down the sponsors and exhibitors list and add those participants to your list of prospective sponsor organizations. If they are investing in reaching a similar audience to that of your organization, they’ll likely be happy to hear from you.

4. Word of mouth

Always ask your clients and partner organizations what industry developments they are particularly excited about. You may learn about an interesting new product or service and create potential prospect at the same time!

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