Returning from a series of site visits left me thinking about the events we produce and what we leave behind.

By Chris Schriever

I’ve just returned from another round of site visits. From Orlando to Rochester to New Orleans to Washington, I couldn’t help but think about all the amenities and creature comforts we offer our attendees through the programs we create. And, frankly, how we could do better at eliminating unnecessary waste.

How many of you have thought about reducing waste or taken it further to outline sustainability goals for your event? While we’re working with many of our clients on cutting down on single-use items and the number of useless ‘give-a-ways,’ certainly there’s more we can do. That’s when I remembered reading about Positive Impact.

Positive Impact is a global not-for-profit providing education and collaboration to create a more sustainable events industry. They are an amazing resource whether your association already has a sustainability program or is, like many of our clients, just beginning to think about how they too could make an impact.

If you’re interested in learning more about sustainable events, you can request a copy of Positive Impact’s free #CRSHAREDAY report by clicking here.

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