Tips for how to conduct your sales calls without sounding like robot.

By Keegan Hudson

When making sales calls, the easiest way to not sound like you’re reading from a script is to: not read from a script. Thanks for reading.

All joking aside—making sales calls, checking in on existing clients or just reaching out to industry members for the latest news about their organization’s developments can be nerve-wracking. If you’re not fully comfortable on the phone, a script may feel helpful—but the truth is, most people can tell if you’re relying on a scripted message.

Here are four ways you can conduct and prepare for calls without using a script or sounding like a robot!

1. Prepare

Be ready for your call. Doing your homework pays dividends. Familiarize yourself with the organization’s website and any relevant materials you can find online. Have those materials on your computer screen when speaking to the company’s representative to remind yourself of some natural conversation topics during the call.

2. Don’t speak at the potential customer

The easiest way to sound like you’re reading from a script is if you speak at whoever is on the other end of the line. Collect yourself and make sure you’re asking questions and listening more than speaking. Ask the person questions about how their day is going and what trends they’re seeing in the industry to open up the conversation and get them talking.

3. Speak slowly and be respectful

The number one indicator of being nervous is speaking quickly. If you’re lucky enough to get someone on the phone, pause and make sure you ask them if it’s a good time for a quick chat. If they are free to talk, consciously recognize the pace at which you are speaking: don’t rush. Try not to overthink your words, just be cognizant of your diction.

4. Be yourself

Excited it’s Friday? Have a distinct regional accent? Feel more comfortable saying “y’all?” Let yourself shine through over the phone. People will feel way more comfortable speaking to you if you are enthusiastic and comfortable with yourself. No need to be overly formal; if you’re prepared for the call and respectful, people will be receptive.

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