How to streamline your communication with exhibitors in the weeks leading up to an event.

By Alex Yewdell

Feeling a little overwhelmed in the weeks leading up to a conference or convention? Don’t worry, that’s to be expected. As your event grows close, it’s natural to have some nerves. Rest assured you are not the only one double checking your to-do list. Exhibitors are bound to ramp up their communication with you in the weeks leading up an event. They too want to ensure that they have every item checked-off their list.

Here are some tips to manage requests from exhibitors and keep your inbox in check.

Prioritize Your Inbox

If you are like me, you do not like to see multiple messages sitting unread in your inbox. To ensure you are responding to each query in a timely fashion, prioritize individual emails. Address and answer the most pressing questions first—you will know what these are! If an email is not pressing, simply keep it marked as Unread” and come back to it when time permits.

Communicate, Educate and Communicate Again

A good method to stay on top of incoming questions is to address them before they reach your inbox. Be proactive and make sure you are providing updates to all of your exhibitors in the lead-up to the event. Most likely, if one exhibitor has a question, another may be wondering the same. Try to keep track on some of the most frequently asked questions each year, so you can address them for everyone before they even have to ask.

Welcome Phone Calls

Sometimes it is just easier to discuss something over the phone. Make sure your exhibitors know that your line is open for any questions and concerns. Avoid the back and forth of an email chain (and the backlog of messages in your inbox) by simply picking up the phone. It is often easier to find a resolution while you are chatting through an exhibitor’s questions.

Create An Exhibitor Service Center

An Exhibitor Service Center is a dedicated webpage where exhibitors can come to find the answers they are looking for. From important documents to key dates and FAQs, this sort of resource is must for keeping your exhibitors in the know. If you dont have a page like this for your exhibitors, create one. If you already utilize an Exhibitor Service Center, be fastidious about keeping it up-to-date and make sure all of your exhibitors know about it. Don’t worry about this feeling impersonal: many exhibitors will appreciate being able to access key information on their own—and anyone who has follow-up questions will still be able to reach out directly.

Make Sure Your FAQs Section Is As Up-To-Date As Possible

Most years, your FAQs will stay pretty consistent. However, there will inevitably be a new question that pops up from time to time. Remember these questions and catalog your answers. Keeping your list of FAQs fresh and up-to-date will save you time in the long run!

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