What Does Blue House Sales Group Do That Makes Us So Successful?    

By Elaina Hundley

When working with clients, advertisers, sponsors, exhibitors and each other as a team, we at Blue House Sales Group use a few specific techniques to keep projects running smoothly. We utilize these methods to consistently deliver positive results and provide a thoroughly enjoyable experience to everyone we work with.

These are our four keys to success:
1. Relationship Building

From the initial sales conversation to coordination with a company’s marketing and PR departments, we see every interaction as an opportunity to deepen our relationship (and understanding) with any given organization. At BH Sales Group, a successful sale is not a one and done transaction. We strive to develop long-lasting, collaborative partnerships in order to better meet a company’s goals and needs to strengthen their businesses.

2. Clear Communication

“Sounds like it’s time to pick up the phone” is a statement you’ll hear in the BH Sales Group office regularly. We know that sometimes an email just doesn’t cut it and we are willing to do whatever it takes to make sure a client, advertiser or coworker is fully up to speed on the information they need to make an informed decision. Communication is key to what we do and we like to keep the airways open to ensure mutual understanding, in all directions, at all times.

3. Creative And Constant Marketing

We are an inventive team. With years of expo and advertising experience, and an intimate knowledge of the audiences our clients reach, we are able to offer informed suggestions on how to deploy a marketing program that really yields results. Clients that work with us have access to this same expertise, which we use to creatively and consistently market advertising, paid content as well as, conference sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities and more.

4. Follow Up And Delivery

At Blue House Sales Group, we appreciate that making a sale is only the tip of the iceberg. By following through and delivering on all aspects of a program as promised, we regularly strengthen our relationships with advertisers therefore improving their relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on being a partner you can trust—and you can rest assured that the end result of any endeavor we take on will accomplish or exceed the goals we set out to reach.

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