Here are six tips for redesigning your company’s logo.

By Alex Yewdell

There are many elements to consider when marketing your company, but brand identity is an important place to start. Your logo is often the first thing potential buyers will notice and it will be something they hopefully return to again and again as they research your products and services. As such, your logo should not only leave a lasting impression, but reflect who you are as a company and what sets you apart from your competition. 

Below are our tips for a quick branding makeover.

1. Do some research.

It doesn’t hurt to look around and see what your competitors are doing. Make sure you are creating a brand identity that is easily differentiated from your competitors.

2. Keep it simple and clean.

Whether you go with a text logo spelling out your company name or a custom icon to represent your company, make sure it is easy to process and remember. Think of big brands like Apple, New Balance or Google. All three have very simple yet eye-catching logos that you immediately associate with their brand.

3. Find a color scheme and stick to it.

Start with a primary, secondary and alternative color selections. These colors should carry over into everything that you do, from your website to marketing pieces. You want your people to see these colors and associate them to your brand.

4. Think small and large!

Always make two versions of your logo. When creating your official logo, you should have a plan for a smaller secondary option that can be used in situations where the primary one is just too large. From your website favicon (the thumbnail image displayed in the web browser tab) to your email signature, a secondary logo is always helpful.

5. Double check.

Once you switch to the new logo, you will need to thoroughly examine all materials that may include your logo and get those updated with the new design. Be sure to check every page on your site, update email campaigns and refresh any marketing deliverables.

6. Spread the word!

As soon as you have your new logo, make sure everyone on your staff has access to it and are updating their email signatures and document templates.

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