How your association can benefit from working with an outside sales group.

By Chris Schriever

Outsourcing your association’s sales efforts can be intimidating. It requires a partner you trust.  That’s where we come in—when you find the right service-provider, they can help take stress off your team while also taking your business to the next level. With experienced expertise across a variety of industries, our fresh perspective allows us to apply best-practices to reinvigorate your marketing opportunities, therefore strengthening partnerships and growing content-marketing, advertising, exhibit and sponsorship programs. 

One of our core missions at Blue House Sales Group is to make you look good in front of your execs, committees and boards. We do this by taking a step beyond closing sales and building better and more efficient programs for today that have staying power for years to come.

Here are just a few of the reasons outsourcing your association’s sales efforts with us is simple and incredibly beneficial:

We are not industry specific.

Since we’ve worked in so many industries, we’ve know what approach works and why. What works for a consumer-focused healthcare association doesn’t necessarily work with a business-to-business association in the insurance industry. With years of experience selling a wide range of marketing opportunities, from sponsored content to print or digital advertising, we have a variety of techniques and work to truly understand the needs of the association, its members and its partners. This allows us to create the best, most beneficial package of opportunities. 

While we are a sales organization, we are also big-picture and strategy focused.

At Blue House Sales Group, we know how to close. We will generate leads and bring in signed contracts created to benefit the growth of the industry and your association. By approaching each opportunity with a focus on developing long-term partnerships, we seek to sustainably grow your revenue not just this year but for years to come. We are committed to considering the whole picture. By examining your organization, audience and opportunities, we identify and clearly communicate the key value proposition(s) you offer customers and then evaluate the experience you deliver to ensure that advertisers and exhibitors get real ROI—and keep coming back.

We prioritize customer service and doing the right thing.

We believe that sales is all about follow-through and pride ourselves on taking your relationships as seriously as you do. When we step in, we’ll treat your existing partners well and make new partners understand that when working with your organization they’ll receive proactive customer service and above-and-beyond support.

Outsourcing your sales efforts becomes a lot less nerve-wracking when you’re working with an experienced partner you can trust.

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