How to save money, save time and have a great trip when you’re traveling to Las Vegas for a conference. 

By Elaina Hundley

If you’ve been in the association space, or really been a working professional for any amount of time, you probably have or will at some point attend a conference in Las Vegas. In fact, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitation Authority, nearly 6,650,000 people attended conferences in Las Vegas during the year 2017.

We consider ourselves experts in Las Vegas travel. As the owners of Sleep Retailer, we head to the city twice a year to attend the winter and summer Las Vegas Furniture Markets so our editorial team can cover the latest bedding and mattress product releases. Since our Las Vegas visits are so frequent, we thought it was time that we put all our knowledge to good use and shared it with you – our fellow conference goers.

Here are some of our rules of thumb for traveling to that strange, parallel universe that is Las Vegas, Nevada:

Don’t buy anything from the hotel convenience store.

While it’s certainly tempting to just walk down to the lobby and pick up whatever it is you forgot at the hotel convenience store, you can be sure you’ll pay more than you ever have for a cup of coffee, banana, razor, you name it. On trips to Las Vegas, CVS is your friend—and there happens to be multiple right along the Strip.

While it’s sometimes easy to forget, conference travel isn’t a vacation and as a result, the sky most likely isn’t the limit when it comes to spending. If you’ve forgotten something like a toothbrush or the aforementioned razor, most hotel room services should bring a travel version of that directly to your room – all you have to do is ask.

Whether you have a per diem, or are paying out of pocket while traveling, we also recommend stocking up on in-between meal snacks from a CVS too  – save the real money for nice dinners and evening drinks.

If you are traveling far and not staying long, don’t party — go to bed!

I know, I know. I sound like a party-pooper, BUT if you are from the east coast and only in Las Vegas for three or so days, there is no reason to mess up your sleep cycle for a work trip. Do your schmoozing, but don’t skimp on the shut-eye. If you don’t absolutely have to be out, don’t stay out late. You’ll thank us later.

Go for early morning walks, you’ll see some interesting sights.

If you are, in fact, taking our advice and trying to stay on east coast time, you’ll likely wake up pretty early. One of our team’s favorite ways to start a day in Las Vegas is to go for a long walk. In the dead of summer, the early, early morning is probably the only time the weather will be bearable. In the winter, there’s nothing more beautiful than 65-degree weather with no humidity!

The bonus to taking an early morning walk in Las Vegas? You can check out a lot of the city’s landmarks—maybe catch the Bellaggio fountains or snoop around some of the fancier pools—without navigating through the crowds. (Though you just might see some people who are still out from the night before!)

But still make time for a little indulgence.

Don’t think the Blue House Sales Group team doesn’t have any fun in Las Vegas. We recommend at least one night of indulgence, whether that be a particularly special meal, a fancy cocktail, a round of Black Jack or an afternoon at the pool. While Vegas may have a wild reputation, it does have something for everyone – don’t miss out!

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