Foster relationships while increasing non-dues revenue.

By Chris Schriever

We’ve written a bit about creating an engaging exhibit hall before – but this past week, we got to witness one of our newer strategies in action. Dubbed ‘The Backyard,’ this unique space was designed to generate excitement, foster engagement and draw attendees into the back third of the exhibit hall.

What Is It?

We planned a space reminiscent of a backyard soirée: creating a 30′ wide aisle from one end of the hall to the other, carpeting it with artificial astroturf, hanging string-lights overhead—and then filling it with oversized yard-games, bars, s’mores stations, acoustic musical performers and food stations. Dedicated to keeping the event’s attendees refreshed and having fun, this backyard installation brought a sense of enjoyment to the meeting, fostered relationships and served as a memorable sponsorship opportunity.

Why Bring The Backyard To Your Meeting?
Get People Talking

ASCA2019 - Backyard 1

Games make it easier for people to get chatting with one another. Booze can help with that too. When placed strategically amidst the exhibits, a space like The Backyard allows exhibitors a chance to approach attendees in a stress-free zone—where engagement is less stiff and awkward. In a space like The Backyard, building a relationship with a potential client can feel much more organic than attempting to hard sell someone at the booth.    

Bring Attendees To The Exhibit Hall

ASCA 2019 - Backyard 2

Not only does the nature of interactions between attendees and exhibitors shift in the backyard space, but when placed in the middle of the exhibit hall, it brings attendees right into the thick of the hall. Since an attraction with this level of entertainment value will quickly become a hot-spot, it should ensure consistent traffic through the hall. Your exhibitors will easily take it from there!

Make A Profit

ASCA2019 - Backyard 3

Sold as a sponsorship opportunity, this space will quickly make its sponsor the talk of the show. At the same time, the sponsorship package will surely offset the cost of the buzz-worthy space—and, if priced correctly, also provide a profit to the association. That said, the value and enjoyment it generates amongst exhibitors and attendees alone will likely make it worth the cost no matter what.

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