How to deliver an experience that keeps exhibitors and attendees coming back each year.

By Chris Schriever

Exposition attendees are looking for an experience when they enter an exhibit hall. Challenging the meeting planner to mix up the floor plan and optimize opportunities for meaningful interaction can help your organization deliver the unique experience that keeps exhibitors and attendees coming back to your show year after year.

Here are five tips for how to wow your attendees and ensure everyone walks away with at least one meaningful new business connection:

Create distinctive spaces for meeting, networking and socializing

Standing in a booth area for an extended period of time can feel awkward. Make the exhibit hall more inviting and fun by creating pockets within it where attendees and vendors are able to have focused conversations and designated areas for attendees to socialize with each other. These distinctive spaces will facilitate the organic interactions you wish you could plan but can’t.

Provide educational opportunities within the exhibit hall

Yes, the exhibit hall is a space in which exhibitors get a chance to generate leads and sell products and services. But not every attendee wants to spend their afternoon being sold products. Give them something else to gain from visiting the exhibit hall. Educational programming is a great way to go, especially when attendees have requirements to meet by attending the conference.

Make it easy for attendees to hang around

Create aesthetically pleasing spaces at your show; add food or beverage and the attendees will linger. It’s that simple. Often exhibit halls end up being poorly lit, oddly organized or too cold or hot. At the very least, ensure that the temperature of the room is comfortable and inviting and avoid making it feel like a cave with dull fluorescent lighting. What would draw you to a space? Incorporate that into the room plan. Consider comfortable furniture for conversation, areas to catch up on missed emails and places to grab a quiet, contemplative break.

Gamify engagement

Although your attendees are most likely grown adults, people still love good old fashion games—and sometimes that’s what it takes to break the ice. While games can come off as silly or childish, there are sophisticated ways to employ game-like incentives to encourage individuals to interact with one another. We’re incorporating oversized backyard games in ‘grassy’ areas of several exhibit halls this year.With everything from corn hole and ring-toss to bocce ball and giant Jenga, exhibitors and attendees alike are sure engage with one another in a relaxed setting right on the exhibit floor.

With the help of Blue House Sales Group, you can effectively incorporate these ideas and so many more into your meeting plan.

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