Why making the time for face-to-face meetings is an essential part of our mission at BH Sales Group.

By Gretchen Kast

Advertising and exhibit sales are rarely synonymous with a jet-setting lifestyle. And for the most part, with good reason. A lot of our job here at Blue House Sales Group happens from the comfort of our offices: making calls, drafting proposals, following up with emails, etc. But every once in a while, especially as convention season ramps up, our jobs have us running all over the place. Just last week, Chris Schriever, our chief marketing strategist, found himself circling the country—from DC to Texas, to Tennessee then Florida and back again—all in the name of official sales business. It was a busy week, of course, but it also served as a good reminder that exceptional customer service often requires going above and beyond the day-to-day routine.

In recapping all of Chris’ recent travels, we as a team realized how each stop reflected some of the key tenants of the Blue House Sales Group mission. As an association sales partner, our role is much more than just securing signed contracts and overseeing exhibit hall setup and check-in—a lot of our services are really more behind-the-scenes. We are grateful that today’s technology has made constant communication easier than ever—but we also know how important it can be to really show up for our clients, to meet with our customers in person and to immerse ourselves in the industries in which we work. In doing so, we make sure that we are truly surpassing expectations, keeping our promises and helping our partners earn a meaningful return on their investment with both us and our clients.

Check out what Chris has been up to lately:

Media Partner Show

Chris’ whirlwind week began in Houston, TX for the National Sleep Foundation’s Sleep Show. As an official media partner of the event, we knew that being on-site during the show would be invaluable for a number of reasons. First, as publishers, it allowed us to get a feel for how our magazine was received by attendees. And by getting a first-hand look at how the event played out, we also got a head start at planning our sales strategy for next year.

More than just a passive observer, Chris also had the opportunity to host a panel discussion. He was joined by both advertising partners and market buyers to chat about a key aspect the industry. In addition to spearheading an informative discussion, this was also a chance to connect an advertiser with a new, potential customer.

No matter the program or event, our goal when selling advertising is not simply to generate revenue. We aim to connect advertisers with new business opportunities to grow their partnerships. This event was a unique and fun way to do just that!

Annual Conference Site Visit

The second stop on Chris’ trip was Nashville, TN: the location of one of our client’s annual conferences. With the start of the event just a few months away, Chris was heading to the convention center to do a final site visit.

Coming together with the client along with hotel staff and exhibition service contractors, this is an opportunity to walk through the entire program within the allotted spaces. Over the years, we’ve found that doing another walk-through around 90 days before the show is critical to event success. Following that, it was time for another walk-through of the event space—this time with the meeting’s Platinum Sponsor.

No matter what level of spend they sign on for, we are dedicated to providing all exhibitors with the attention they deserve. That means working with them to develop the best marketing package and answering any questions that may come up in a timely manner.

For top-tier sponsors, this kind of customer service necessitates even more focus as these programs include a variety of different event opportunities, pre-registration engagement, exhibit hall visibility, on-site signage, etc. With all of these moving parts, it requires dutiful attention to detail on our end to make sure that each element goes smoothly and as expected.

By taking the time to do a site visit before the event, we are able to map out exactly what the sponsorship package will look like—and minimize the risk of any surprises.

Industry Event

Chris concluded his travels with a quick trip to sunny St. Petersburg, FL for another industry event. While we do not work with the hosting association directly, our areas of focus do overlap quite a bit—and we always make point to stop by and support them. While some organizations often shy away from engaging with competitors, we’ve found that maintaining positive relationships is the much better way to go.

Attending events like these gives us a chance to stay up-to-date on the latest industry happenings—and maybe even explore to new trends. It’s also a good way to connect with both existing advertisers and potential new partners in a more laid-back setting.

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