Updating your approach can lead to greater engagement and stronger sales. 

By Gretchen Kast

Is your sales strategy in need of a refresh? Whether you are adapting to industry changes brought about by the pandemic or looking to reinvent your strategy altogether, getting a fresh set of expert eyes can be a key step in developing new,  inventive solutions. Blue House Sales Group is here to help you do just that. With our Strategy Consulting services, we evaluate your strategies and processes, drawing upon our insight and expertise to help strengthen your non-dues revenue streams.

Why Might You Need A Strategy Consult?
There are plenty of reasons why your association or organization may benefit from a strategy consult.

One of the primary reasons is that sales are down. A number of different factors can contribute to ups and downs in your sales. Trends shift quickly—today, people engage with print and digital media very differently than they did just a few years ago. And that means your tried-and-true strategies may simply not be as effective anymore.

Sometimes it’s due to factors entirely outside of our control. As the pandemic fully shut down in-person events earlier this year, many associations had to face the fact that they rely on conferences and trade shows for much of their annual non-dues revenue. Putting too many eggs in one basket can be risky, especially if that revenue stream can be disrupted. Diversifying your opportunities can help mitigate the damage of revenue shortfalls.

But going into crisis mode is not the only reason to invest in a consult. Some organizations may be experiencing an unexpected boost in interest or demand, and subsequently need to scale up their operations. Others may be looking to expand into a new market or category.

Sometimes, it’s simply a smart way to prepare for the future. Even if sales are stable, there may still be opportunities for growth.

If you and your team aren’t sure of the best way to move forward, our consulting services can provide you with expert insights and data-backed solutions to guide your decision-making—giving you a blueprint of where to invest your time and energy.

What Sort Of Consulting Services Do We Offer?
Here at Blue House Sales Group, we know that one size very rarely actually fits all.

That’s why we tailor all of our Strategy services to your specific needs. We offer a few different categories of services, all of which can be personalized to your challenges and goals.

Media Kit Evaluation

Are you explaining your offerings in the best and clearest way? Is your pricing consistent with that of your competitors? Your industry as a whole? We will take a deep dive into your current market in order to transform your Media Kit into a truly dynamic sales tool that is in line with current trends and customer demand.

Cost Efficiency Evaluation

Do you feel like your non-does sales revenue totals do not match the effort you and your team are putting in? We can help you take a step back and look at the big picture. How are all of your programs working together? Are you taking advantage of cross-platform opportunities? Are you deploying content in the most efficient way possible?

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to repurpose content, maximize marketing opportunities and capture added revenue. We will comb through your content and sales strategies to ensure that you’re optimizing your distribution across all of your brands, platforms and programs. Our approach will not only help you stay consistent, but relevant as well, offering key guidance on how to efficiently adapt your programs and content to each unique audience.

At Blue House Sales Group we believe in not only working hard but also working smart. And we can help you do the same.

Membership Program Evaluation

Your advertising and exhibit programs are only as good as the audience they reach. Improving on the value of your membership program directly correlates with the revenue you’re able to bring in through advertising and exhibit sales. How are you engaging your current members? What are you doing to attract more? We can help you evaluate your current membership structure to determine the best way to increase both dues and non-dues revenue today and in the future.

Comprehensive Program Evaluation

Time for a total overhaul? We will dig in and analyze all of your programs and procedures, from top to bottom. This includes a full evaluation of your current offerings, marketing materials, content distribution, sales tactics, membership program and more. From there, we can help you rebuild a fully realized strategy that will grow along with your unique market.

In addition to our program-specific strategy packages, we also offer an Ongoing Support Subscription. Arm your leadership with our insight—any time you need it. Following an evaluation or new strategy implementation, you can elect to keep us on-call to support your team. Scheduling weekly or a monthly check-ins gives us a chance to provide regular evaluations and ensure everything is moving along accordingly. It also allows us to address any new challenges and adjust the solutions to maximize their impact.

Why Pick Blue House Sales Group?
What makes us different than other strategic consulting firms?

We bring expertise and creativity. We’ve been key consultants to association leadership for decades—and our insights have helped transform marketing programs into reliable, long-term revenue-generators.

We’re not just ideas people. We actually have hands-on experience implementing new strategies—we know what works and what doesn’t, what is worth the investment and what is actually more trouble than it’s worth. We will come in and confidently break-down your high-level goals into realistic, actionable next steps.

We offer personalized service. While every strategy we deploy is informed by past successes, we don’t plug-in the same formulas over and over. We’ll develop new strategies and programs tailored to your specific needs and the demands of your market. And in the process, you will experience first-hand our dedication to customer service and support.

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