Publishers and marketers alike can benefit from a more varied approach to advertising.

By Elaina Hundley

While one-off ad programs can be helpful in a pinch, you will generate greater success by offering annual, cross-channel packages. As the old saying goes: don’t put all your eggs in one basket. In this context, that applies to both the publisher and the marketer. The salesperson should be selling advertising to multiple customers, in programs that include more than one placement and opportunity. It’s good advice for marketers as well; it’s unrealistic to rely on one insertion and/or one channel to reach the intended audience.

Today’s market demands that advertisers strategically flood the airstreams, so to speak, in order to gain traction. By designing a strategic program that utilizes a mix of digital advertisements, advertorial and print placements, not only will you score for your business—but the marketer will benefit as well.

By including multiple platforms in your program offerings, you will automatically help broaden the campaign’s reach. In order to maximize this visibility, it’s important to have a comprehensive understand of your readership across all of the various platforms. An intimate knowledge of your audience makes your input on campaign strategy a key asset to the media buyer and that consultation is part of the full-year package.

Another value of an annual program is the chance to measure, refine and grow. As the seller, you’ll be the advisor through the process—and ideally, you will be setting the marketer up with a program that will garner the most engagement from readers. With a full year to deploy and study a campaign, the ad sales representative has a chance to monitor the success and provide insights around what’s working and what isn’t. This is a great way to build trust with the customer and deliver added value throughout the entire campaign.

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