Why cross-platform marketing programs work for everyone. 

By Elaina Hundley

Today’s marketing world is all about personalization. While not every campaign can be fully customizable, cross-platform programs spread out over an entire year are more likely to reach an intended audience in the right places, multiple times. In addition to being effective, annual multi-platform programs offer a number of other benefits that both you and your advertisers will appreciate.

Why are annual cross-platform advertising programs the way to go?
They help advertisers fulfill the Rule of Seven.

While the Rule of Seven may be a little old school, it still holds true. It posits that an intended audience must hear a marketing message at least seven times before it will really resonate with them and before they are likely to take action. Of course, the amount of times someone encounters the message is only one side of the coin, but having an annual program option across more than one platform will make sure advertisers will reach your audience at least seven times.

Diverse programs lead to more interesting campaigns.

Having versatile programs that give advertisers a chance to communicate their message in a variety of formats on a number of platforms will strengthen the message. Getting an audience to really hear a message and connect with it is achieved through a balance of communication frequency AND interest in content. In addition to print and digital ad placements, you can diversify your programs with content marketing and video opportunities. The more unique options you can provide your advertisers, the more likely they’ll be to stand out.

Annual programs provide guaranteed income.

Simply put, annual programs help everyone budget! But in order to get an advertiser on board for a full year, it’s important to offer them additional perks. That’s part of why annual programs that include multiple benefits are so valuable; they entice advertisers to deploy what will be a more effective campaign for their brand AND ensure your publication hits its requisite numbers earlier in the year.

They help nurture your relationship with the advertiser.

When an advertiser locks in for a full year of advertising, it’s your chance to get to know them, their brand and support their goals with additional ideas. Just because an annual contract is signed doesn’t mean you’re done. You’ve got a full year to make the experience ideal for the advertiser, optimize their spend and gain their trust. If you have chances to provide insights along the way, the advertiser will be more likely to re-new and maybe even increase their spend for the following year. 

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