Give your prospective advertisers and sponsors the attention they deserve.

By Keegan Hudson

You won’t succeed if you only make one call a day—but you should treat each call as if it’s the only and most important one you’re making that day. Speaking to each person on the phone as if they’re your sole priority will help build stronger, longer lasting relationships.

Tailor each conversation to suit the needs of the organization, its mission and its stakeholders. Be enthusiastic, friendly, engaging and avoid sounding like you’re reading off a script—trust me, the person on the other end of the line can tell!

When promoting your product or service be sure to ask open-ended questions and be ready to listen. By learning more about the plans and goals of the organization, you’ll be able to better position your product or service as a solution to its unique challenges.

Don’t presume to know the organization’s position in the industry. When you assume too much, you run the risk of missing an opportunity or pitching a product that is not a good fit. Let the potential client tell you what they are looking for—and be sure to listen to them!

When the time comes to reach back out to your contact, have your notes from the previous call on-hand to jog your memory. Remembering what the contact told you on that initial call goes a long way in building trust. You’re not merely calling to sell something; you’re genuinely looking to help connect the prospect with the resources they need to meet their organization’s goals and remedy its challenges. And, in the process of understanding those challenges, you never know what you might learn about the industry at large.

Treating every call as though it is your #1 call leads to both increased sales AND  priceless industry knowledge. You might even make some new friends! 

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