How you can add value to a sponsorship program while also promoting your event.

By Chris Schriever

At BH Sales Group, our main goal is to increase non-dues revenue for our clients. We primarily accomplish this goal by selling advertising, exhibits and sponsorships for them, but we also accomplish it by creatively enhancing the opportunities we sell, strengthening the value of each one.

In this insight, we’ve shared a specific example of a value add that we’ve used to strengthen top sponsorship packages while also marketing an association’s event.

The Basics

In order to implement a Sponsor Registration Give-A-Way Program, invite sponsors to spread the word about your show by encouraging their customers and prospects to sign-up for the chance to receive a complimentary registration. At the end of the sign-up period, select one registration per sponsor.

Make it Simple

Make is easy for the sponsor to do this by drafting an email for them to send to their customers and prospects. Provide them with a unique sign-up link to include in the message.

Make It Exclusive

Build enthusiasm by emphasizing the exclusivity of the program—the complimentary registration should be limited to sponsors or a specific sponsorship tier. When the winner is chosen, sponsors get a chance to promote your show and their high-level involvement in it with an announcement. Plus your organization should promote the full list of winners in an email publication, e-blast or on the event website.

A value add like a Sponsor Registration Give-A-Way Program accomplishes multiple goals in one fell swoop. It adds something useful to the sponsorship program, gives sponsors a specific and attention-grabbing way to publicize their involvement in your meeting. It also makes the audience you and the sponsor would like to see in attendance more aware of the show.

By partnering with BH Sales Group, you’ll have access to a whole host of inventive ideas like this one, plus a team that has tried and true experience utilizing similar strategies to increase revenue for and engagement with association programming.

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